User fees

The Michigan Neonatal Biobank charges a user fee to offset the cost of providing samples to approved research programs.  Questions about user fees can be directed to

Application Fee

There is no application fee.  Inquiries are welcome.  

User Fee

The cost for preparing samples is as follows:  $10 per 3mm punch, $40 per 6mm punch, and $120 per full 12mm spot.  Discounts may be available on larger quantities.

Linked Data Fee

The dried blood spots can be linked to information found in the State's public health registries.  When linked data is requested there is a charge of $1000.00 for each database queried plus $ 1.00 per case or control.  The Linked Data Fee is paid in advance and it is non-refundable.  In lieu of cash or check an institution's Purchase Order may be used to guarantee payment of this fee.


Non-standard shipping costs - for example shipping large orders, out of state delivery, or sending frozen samples - may be charged to the requestor.

Purchase Orders

An institution's Purchase Order may be required for large orders.