The Biobank is the culmination of collaborative efforts by the Michigan Department of Community Health, Wayne State University, Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and VanAndel Research Institute to support the Michigan Department of Community Health in their efforts to develop their archive of dried blood spots into a unique resource for research. Each of the collaborators contributes expertise to the Biobank.

The Van Andel Research Institute provides the custom designed Biobank Interface software that is used to inventory and track the blood samples in the Biobank. The Institute also provides advice regarding the Biobank storage facility, including issues such as temperature, humidity and conditions optimal for blood spot preservations.
The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services maintains ownership of the dried blood spot cards that are stored at the Michigan Neonatal Biobank and directs their use through a contract with the Biobank.
Michigan State University provides technical expertise to the Michigan Neonatal Biobank.
The University of Michigan provides technical assistance and policy advice as needed, in the areas of and the ethical, legal and social implications of the Biobank.
Wayne State University provides temperature-controlled storage space for the dried blood spot cards, sample preparation and shipping services, inventory services, and financial services for the Biobank.